Apparels Industry

Apparel industry, inspired by the need and creativity, is deeply rooted in the global market. Its opulence reflects the human persona – from lifestyle to social integrity. The huge assortment shares a relentless product life cycle – an everlasting trend that repeats itself after definite intervals of time perpetually. Managing endless merchandise in different product chains for toddlers, kids, female, male and upholstery and to condense the market share simultaneously becomes more challenging.

From warehousing, inventory records, stock accessibility, shelf availability, display design, customer attraction to retention, the close tie between operating costs and margins may raise the question of sustainability.

Business Process and Industry Challenges

The major challenges faced by this industry include Stock Visibility, Speed Gap – Fashion VS. Distribution, Data Mining, Brand Identity and Customer Experience

Just-in time inventory management principle streamlines stock requirement, but it floods warehouse with multiple products accommodated on a single shelf. It is complex to ascertain merchandise levels due to their partial visibility, which significantly impacts revenue model. Trends fade with the wink of an eye; channelized, administered and traceable distribution of merchandise is the demand of modern supply chain. Parallel pathways of fashion and merchandise ensure quick turnaround time for manufacturers and retailers.

Analyzing previous supply orders, determining marketing campaigns reaping the results and identifying repetitive customers strengthen your business foundation. It rationalizes operating costs, boosts sales and deepens margins. Duplicity is all-encompassing; vanity URL exhibiting your merchandise selection phrases your brand’s authenticity statement. Let potential customers reach you directly.

Add-on sales is the product of value added experience; from buyer’s first step in your store to eternity; it is religious to follow him to enhance his experience through hospitality, additional benefits and exclusive discounts.

Solutions Provided and Benefits

Arokia IT Pvt Ltd optimises the business operations of the apparel industry through the robust technology landscape

  • Distribution Management System

    Access crucial real-time statistics about customers, inventory, payments & receipts, orders & deliveries and service parameters on your monitor processed through our scalable distribution application. The automated distribution cycle is ideal to project and measure each detail of a business process. Quotation processes smoothly.

  • Distributor Billing

    The secondary sales billing software controls transactions from distributors to dealer/retailer level. The featured product primarily focuses on distributor’s billing and stock management to end all barriers of multi-lane communication pathway.

  • Sales Force Automation

    Get insights into your marketing campaigns to weigh results in terms of intensified brand absorption and amplified sales through the implementation of our sales force automation solutions. Augmented selling strategy would get you the treasure you seek – customers.

  • E Commerce

    An enterprise level eCommerce portal designed with a unique UID is a high performing online store that promises easy navigation to multiply conversion rate. With ready to integrate plug-ins, our eCommerce solutions prove to be precise to your web requirements meeting brand identity, recognition and recall needs.

  • Customer Loyalty Program

    Cloud based application is developed to reinforce repetitive customers. The software incepts an interpersonal relationship between your brand and customer, which gives him a reason to come back to you to purchase again and again regardless of competitors.

Coupling extensive knowledge and needed expertise, Arokia IT Pvt Ltd has been delivering growth to enterprises through process augmentation by optimizing, integrating and implementing high tech applications. Explore our solutions to supplement your business operations.

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