Healthcare Industry

The health care industry is one of the world's largest and fastest-growing sectors. Globally, healthcare industry is undergoing major changes .Very well informed patients and increased accessibility to quality medical care has forced the healthcare organisations to transform and optimise the healthcare services that they offer, without compromising on quality, affordability and meeting all regulatory demands.

Having worked with many of the reputed players in Healthcare industry, we understand the new challenges faced by the industry and offers solutions to address these challenges.

Business Process

The evolving dynamics between care provider & care receiver, increased use of technology to maximize efficiency and to trim operational costs healthcare industry is redefining the entire business process of care delivery. Any minor change in any of the processes in health care industry is strictly monitored by the regulatory watch dog and hence extra care has to be taken while streamlining business processes through technology optimisation.  

Solution Provided

  • Virtual hospital

    A web based integrated online doctor consultation system that provides various options to consult with registered panel of doctors. The application is an innovative and patient centric solution to optimise consultations with medical practitioners. The services include E-Query, Second Opinion, Physician Referral and Physician Appointment System. The healthcare provider market is fragmented majorly with big hospitals, small clinics and private medical practitioners. But e-health market is still in its primitive stages.

  • Health care social network that makes a difference

    A transparent social networking platform that empowers the health care industry to capitalise on the social media revolution and provides an online healthcare support system that enables patients suffering from various illnesses and ailments to connect, share and express themselves. It is a fact that nowadays patients are increasingly utilizing the social media for their overall health maintenance .Harvesting on this trend; this social networking platform is a valued tool for healthcare entities to proactively engage with patients for building trust and confidence in their care services. The platform provides valuable information and opportunities for healthcare industry, that could positively influence health care services, today and in the years to come.


Our in-depth domain expertise and strong focus on delivering quality solutions that combines industry best practices and proprietary tools will help the health care industries to optimally achieve their core business objectives.

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