Transforming raw materials into finished products – manufacturing units facilitate market. Industrial goods, consumer products and services embody market structure; technology makes it more viable internally as well as externally. Automation enables easy collaboration among multiple information channels (inside & outside) and synergy research, product features, production processes, marketing and sales progressions.

Cloud based applications prove to be an ideal life support system for a manufacturing facility that requires lot many interfaces to streamline supply chains, pull performance graphs, leverage bottlenecks, and drive improvements along the workflow.

Business Process and Industry Challenges

Manufacturing procedures depend solely on the demand and supply statistics. The data has to travel miles from the market to the foreman in order to bring operational effectiveness and cost efficiency. Facility management defines the productivity rate; a human error may malfunction the entire set-up disrupting the supply chain through intense bottlenecks.

Distinct business models should facilitate operations at global and regional levels, but they must run on a single integrated platform to monitor developments precisely at each stage. The teamwork is possible only through a transparent and organized communication model. Any gap may affect the production levels and management procedures

Solutions Provided and Benefits

  • Office Intranet

    Office intranet application is a unique communication model for an enterprise that facilitates clog-free flow of information within the organization. Document management, communication gateway, calendar sharing, opinion polls, content management and status walls are a few unique features that strengthen office environment. The flow of information and data across multiple horizontal and vertical work floors becomes clear, concise and constant; and such conducive ecosystem for a manufacturing set-up contributes significantly to their growth

  • Order Processing and Management

    Order processing and management application is to process orders (small, medium and large) quickly without any delay and discrepancy. It establishes a smooth flow from opportunity, order to delivery. The automated system reduces turnaround time, improves operational efficiencies and accelerates revenue cycle. The software puts your business in fast-track by eliminating bottlenecks. Mechanized administration of orders also minimizes manual recordkeeping and thus does away with human errors. Customers can place orders 24/7 through this application even if your office is closed.

From the point of production to the point of sale, a manufacturing set-up demands end to end embedded solutions to ensure easy access and check over processes. Business process automation has become a necessity for operational improvement and cost savings within manufacturing enterprises and their value chains.

  • Accessible using VPN/Intranet
  • Unlimited users and departments
  • Compatible with third party applications
  • Quick turnaround time and accuracy
  • Display quotes according to the latest pricing and discounting rules
  • Automatically increases average order size by incorporating up-sell management
  • Zero probability of error through centralized customer, order and invoice records shared across the business
  • User-friendly and promises great customer satisfaction
  • Increase sales through accurate customers’ record and retention

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