Mobile App Development

Arokia IT Pvt Ltd, a technically sound and creatively equipped company that offers its clients feature-rich mobile application development in less time and lower cost than any other solution. Our extensive and professional expertise in this field of programming exquisite mobile applications are highly acknowledged and appreciated by consumers across the world. Our solutions in all the major Smartphones and hand-held devices are extremely high standards. We ensure that our clients receive the very best of the applications, giving them the advantage of most efficient engineering process, product efficiency, delivery and a continuous service and support.

Our Professionnal expertise in Mobile Aplication Development

We at Arokia IT Pvt Ltd, adapt various innovative and multi-dimensional approaches to enable our mobile application enterprise. Our work process is extremely client-friendly. Initially we make a constant effort to understand the client’s business module, usability criteria and exclusive demands with his need of functionality of this particular application requirement. Then we put in our entier technical knowledge on the various mobile platforms to provide them with the most appropriate and exquisite mobile application specific to their functionality criteria.

We also ensure that our client’s receive the best of graphical assistance in case of tasteful User Interface for their very bespoke applications, which reflects and enhances their personality while adding that extra zing to their mobile phones.

Our team of experienced professionals are sincere, technologically superior along with being flexible with the quality to apprehend the exact demand of the client and provide them with accurate customized applications for their Smartphones and hand held devices. Our technical staff and professionals are well-versed in the mobile application development of the out-of-world, extremely intuitive and user-friendly mobile applications on various mobile platforms.

The major platform expertise includes J2ME, iPhone, Blackberry, Google Android, Symbian OS, Windows Mobile/ Windows CE platforms and Operating Systems.

We at Arokia IT Pvt Ltd, make a very conscious effort in updating and evolving ourselves with all the various innovation upgraded in the mobile application programming. We have an efficient research team to constantly keep tract of all the technical evolution in the various mobile operating systems; while educating, directing and growing our technical staff. Therefore our applications are based on the very current and the most efficient mobile platforms.

Our efficiency in the programming languages and tools needed for these apps developments for the various Smartphone and Tablets computers; like the Iphone, ipad, Blackberry, Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile is acknowledged all over the world.

Our highly efficient technical staff are well-versed in J2ME, Objective C, BlackBerry JDE, CE .NET C# and VB.NET, QT, PalmSource PODS and PRC-Tools (C/C++). Therefore making them the most sort after technical team and experienced professionals to guide you through our entier process of efficient Mobile Application development.

The Arokia IT Pvt Ltd Advantage

We at Arokia IT Pvt Ltd provide our clients with the most technically sound and creatively brilliant Apps for the various Mobile Application Development platforms including Windows Mobile Application Development, J2ME based Mobile Application Development, iPhone Mobile Application Development; Android based Mobile Application Development and BlackBerry Application Development. Our team of professional experts, have all the technical efficiency and creative brilliance, along with a very wide experience in the field of mobile application development.

Our professional team of expert programmers can design and build Mobile Applications and Website development for all the Mobile and Tablet platforms. Our knowledge and experience in working with the Software Development Kit of the various platforms are widely acknowledged with client’s across the world.

We undertake the programming and development for Mobile and Tablet computers including Mobile Games Development, Asset Tracking, Website and Web development for Mobiles( especially for iPhone and iPads), Business & Sales Application, Banking and Finance, Productivity Application, Sales Force Automation, Time and Materials Tracking Applications, Work Order Management, Social Networking/Bluetooth Apps, Widgets, Integration with Enterprise Applications, Theme, Mock, Icon Design for Mobile Applications as well as Web Service Integration.

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