Non Profit Organization

Non-profit organizations help promote and improve the social, economical and environmental conditions of the less privileged, disadvantaged and marginalized sections of society around the world and work towards betterment of science, public safety, education, prevention of cruelty to children or animals, and/or to develop national or international sports other than generating profit.

Solutions Provided and Benefits

  • Activity Based Funding System

    Activity based Funding System is a system conceived based on the principles of Logical Framework analysis to manage funded projects The application allows for planning of activities, cost estimation, scheduling, job delegation, cost control and budget management, resource allocation, collaboration work, communication, and documentation or administration systems. Further, the application also allows clustering activities in terms of organization implementation-pillars (structure) and into project log-frame based view.

  • Monitoring and Evaluation Software

    This application is to automate the information gathered by conducting survey in various regions working on their own project in to the database. Based on the information stored in the centralized database by different region, NGO’s will have the access to view the data collected by the different region based and on the data collected they can generate certain evaluation reports. This application is based on n-tier component based architecture, gives better performance, stability, scalability, maintainability and extensibility to the system. It is an automated online or web based monitoring and evaluation system to monitor the survey results gathered by various regions through field visit.

  • Project Management System

    Project Management Software are software programs that help with applying knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to plan and control resources, costs and schedules to meet the requirements of the particular project and include such integrated functions as tracking of people and budgets, generating of reports and scheduling.

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