Jewelry is   commonly considered as luxury item unlike healthcare, food, or energy products and hence there is a perception that IT solutions for this industry are having limited significance. Over the last few years the jewelry industry has been growing at a steady and good pace. Even though the market space of this segment is so lucrative, it is equally one of the most competitive .To meet the growing demands and to increase the efficiency, major players in this sector is exploring the various IT options available

We are associated with one of the internationally acclaimed jewelry manufacturer and our solutions are being used by them as a direct business generating source (e-Commerce for Jewelry Manufactures) and as a strategic marketing & product showcase tool (Retailer Kiosk for Jewelry Showrooms)

Business Process and Industry Challenges

Marketing, Investment and Less Margins are the major challenges of this industry. The shelf may be adorned with a new jewel every day, but how many people notice that. It is important to notify buyers about the wide collection and new selection of jewelry available at your store to allure them and to make big profits.

Space is a bigger investment apart from the expenditure of maintaining a moderate range of jewelry collection.

The cumulative costs of running a jewelry venture and unstable market rates introduce a high degree of risk which has the capacity to shake margins drastically

Solution Provided and Benefits

  • Ecommerce

    At this contemporary time when anything and everything is being sold online, Jewelry manufactures can no longer afford to only be present physically and lose the fast growing business opportunity through internet. Our ecommerce solution is a robust platform tailored to meet the specific requirements of jewelry industry

  • Retailer kiosk

    This kiosk application is intended basically to jewelry groups with multi-showroom business model. A centrally managed yet, individually customisable for each showroom, the online kiosk is enriched with a simple friendly interface to novice computer users. The input method can be keyboard/mouse, touch-screen, or both. These self service terminals are fully automated systems allowing users to perform transactions without any help from the showroom staff. The features includes but not limited to ,

    • Display categorised jewelry items
    • Allow users to conduct a search based on specific parameters
    • Showcase latest offers
    • Display the various settings available for each jewelry
    • Secure login functionality for retailer admin and manufacturer admin
    • Sweep stakes for prospective clients to register through the online platform and acts also a lead generation for showrooms.
    • Social Media Integration

Our solutions for jewelry industry are developed to cater the new changes in this industry. The ecommerce is an emerging business need and is not explored much by the entities in this sector. The kiosk application is in Intended for both consumers and business industries, benefits include ease of access, reduced transaction time, access to information and the ability to perform multiple transactions.

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