Printing & Publication

Print and Publication is the only source that has been spinning the wheel of information for years. The oldest business type requires a high level of automation to enhance workflow. The industry has expanded into a universe – all pervasive in the shape of large, small and freelance units. Outsourcing print and publication services is common within as well as outside the industry; business process has become more complicated now that requires high end technology for a promising performance.

Business Process and Industry Challenges

Outsourcing has transformed the business approach absolutely; an enterprise has to prove its credibility at the very first step through a better effort estimation and proposal. Each client has a different requirement, interest and purpose to outsource publication services, which demands a customized application to pursue the market. Quick turnaround time is the basic key to achieve business excellence; order processing catalyzes revenue cycle enabled through faster information sharing and extensive collaboration. Traceable orders and their monitored execution is crucial for enterprises to meet the rising global demands efficiently.

The perpetual workflow across numerous approvals, feedbacks and improvements becomes a doubt; coordination and collaboration between client and organization contribute significantly to the success of a project. Smooth channel of communication, reporting and status, is must to keep the printing industry growing into the global market.

Solution Provided and Benefits

  • Printing Automation & Order Processing Application

    Cloud based online order processing and management system automates the entire print & publication business model. From confirming the quantity to conforming the quality inputs; you can control, monitor and streamline order process, design approvals and delivery status with this application. The ready to plug-in software processes large volume orders quickly to reduce the turnaround time, minimizes manual entry record system and accelerates the revenue cycle. The automated sales and purchase processes driven enable customers to place orders 24/7 even if your office is closed.

The major benefits of the application include,
  • Easy registration process
  • Upload printed documents conveniently
  • Speed & accuracy guaranteed for time critical business
  • Sales are quoted based on the latest pricing and discounting rules.
  • Increase average order sizes by incorporating up-sell management conveniently.
  • Reduce error with centralized customer, order and invoice records shared across all business channels.
  • Facilitated with proven methodology
  • Low cost implementation
  • User friendly application promising great customer satisfaction
  • Increased Sales
  • Customers can place orders using visiting cards, letterheads and customize brochures
  • Automate all sales & purchase orders irrespective of their format - fax or post.

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