Skincare & Cosmetics

With beauty as everlasting joy, the skin care industry crowns the global market causing absolute indulgence among the entier population. Everyone wants to look beautiful, striking and attractive. Cosmetic products are eternally cherished by people to get radiating, soft and supple skin. Fragrances, body creams & lotions, lip colors & balms, nail enamel, hair creams, oils, shampoos, shower gels , face packs and anti-aging products make up the skin care and cosmetic industry. Customers are turning online to seek the best products for their skin type. Consequently it is primarily that companies must run E-Commerce stores to tap the potential market.

E-Commerce store is the online retail interface for you to display the whole gamut of skin care products with price tags & special offers wherein customers can buy your products through cart system with a smooth payment gateway

Business Process and Industry Challenges

The modern age mantra of eStores filters opportunities from opaque business challenges
Personal care products have a short life span with closer expiry dates, which may prevent an entrepreneur to stock cosmetics in volumes. Also, maintaining manual record of a number of cosmetic merchandise is very complicated and taxing. A land-based retail store cannot meet the global requirements of the industry. Restrained market presence squeezes sales figure.

Permanent customers are earned through building a relationship, which can’t be developed without their credentials. From potential to existing buyer, it is crucial to determine who all are really interested in your products.

Solution Provided and Benefits

  • Ecommerce

    Get your online web store to exhibit merchandise with the sensuous appeals that would attract and tempt buyers to purchase right away. We instill human factors to boost conversion rate as well as retention rate, our design and development empower you with customer database to reach them personally and pitch products effectively.

The major benefits of the solutions include,
  • Open store for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year
  • Low implementation, integration and maintenance costs
  • Tap global markets (besides domestic)
  • Infinite opportunities to expand & grow
  • Conveniently create new sales channels (unlimited)
  • Sell a wide variety of product range (assortment)
  • Just-in-time inventory management is possible
  • Increased profit per item sold
  • Monitor your customers’ behavior
  • Build customer database
  • Endorse special offers and promotion campaigns successfully through eCommerce stores.

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