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Hotels & Resorts

Hospitality business is one of the fastest growing businesses in recent times. Hospitality in India has seen a tremendous growth over a period of time. India being rich in its historical heritage and attract millions from across the globe to explore many of its varied geographical locations like hill stations & beaches, these places have always been very attractive tourist destinations for middle class community.

Hence increase in tourists have increased demand for hotels and resorts, thus makes hospitality business one of the fastest growing industries in India.

Business Process and Industry Challenges

Most of the time people plan their vacation in advance and reserve the resorts, hotels and holiday packages well in advance. In peak season the hospitality industry sees a surge in demand and most of all hotels and resorts do good business. However during off season lot of good resorts and hotels struggle due to less intensity in business as compared to peak season, which adds up to the considerable amount of non selling inventory. This non selling inventory is the major concern for the hospitality industry. Therefore this poses a challenge for the hospitality industry to sell this non selling inventory at discounted prices and combine these with membership as special offers.

Solution Provided and Benefits

  • A cloud Based Inventory Management And Ecommerce Application

    A cloud based web application with sophisticated ecommerce features which helps the customers to have quick search of resorts and hotels listed in a single place with discounted prices.

The major benefits of the solutions include
  • Customer is guaranteed with good deal of resorts and hotels
  • Customers can easily select the resort from all listed resorts without moving around for good deal and affordable resorts.
  • Discounted prices offered by merchants operating with less margin than a usual market price
  • The Merchants has an opportunity to clear the non selling inventories

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